Workers' Compensation Defense

Administration and litigation of workers’ compensation claims is complicated for employers and third-party administrators. When a claim arises, it is essential to identify and manage risks and exposures. Maneuvering through the many administrative rules and statutes when a case needs to be litigated requires finesse and a detailed understanding of the law.

Highly experienced in Oregon and Washington workers’ compensation defense, we represent employers and administrators with attention to the medical and legal issues that apply to each unique case. We communicate with employers and administrators efficiently and offer sound advice based on our knowledge and experience with risk management concepts. Seeing the results of the various incidents, accidents and exposures, we are also in a unique position to offer solutions and advice to help clients develop risk management programs and safety plans.

No two injuries are alike; each set of circumstances requires thorough analysis, strategic planning and assessment of outcomes. We help employers and their administrators achieve optimal outcomes which minimize the risks and exposures associated with each case.


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